The gay man and his three wives.

I figure I’ll start with a doozy – not because I’m trying to offend anyone, but rather… I’ve been offended.

I’m not ashamed/afraid/too upity to say (proudly at that) that I am a supporter of same-sex marriage, LGBT rights, etc… My immediate family is pretty liberal, but my extended family is pretty conservative/religious. Which is totally fine – to each their own. But a few weeks ago, when Obama announced his support of gay marriage, I posted something on facebook about it and how I didn’t understand why people were so worked up about it when there are little kids in our own country that are starving.

But apparently some people (even in my family) believe that gay marriage > little, starving, uneducated children.

Have you not seen about the poor Native American children in South Dakota? Half of them don’t know what veggies are. I saw it on my large, flat-screen tv. But in all seriousness, I just don’t get how it effects anyone but the two people involved. I mean, can you really feel a difference if Tom & Harry have a ceremony to commit to each other, wear rings, and have decent family benefits? I’m pretty sure it’s not quite the same as say, oh… killing someone (because that’s illegal, and lot of people want to make gay marriage illegal).

So anyway, my aunt writes me and quotes the Bible at me, I write back and explain my views and we’re all polite and whatever and then she writes back and says “sorry, I shouldn’t have broached the subject…”

I said it was no big deal, I wasn’t offended, we each have our own views.

She wrote back and said, “the fact is, I’m offended.”

Uhhh… you wrote me first, you quoted the Bible at me. If you’re offended, keep your thoughts to yourself. I gave a vague response basically saying that it’s not my problem if my opinions offend her and left it at that… because we’re family and all. But if she’s going to quote the Bible at me, the next time I think I’ll respond with a quote about divorce. Because she’s on her second marriage and I’m pretty sure the Bible says that’s illegal as well.

I’ve never set out to try and change minds on the subject. We all believe something different and I respect everyone’s right to decide. We have freedom of speech and separation of church and state for a reason. That said, why do people pick and choose from the Bible of what they believe to follow. I mean, either take it all with a grain of salt, or follow it completely – don’t have a round haircut, or a tattoo, don’t marry someone who isn’t a virgin, serve your husband the way a slave serves his master, don’t worry if your hubby has three wives, don’t get a divorce… etc etc. Because honestly, picking and choosing isn’t living by the Bible at all. It’s something to hide behind.

And for fuckssake, GETOVERYOURSELF. Because Lara and Kelly want to wear matching rings and commit to each other, I promise your life won’t change.